The PlayStation Upcoming new games list 2018

The PlayStation is a sure way to avoid boredom during the holidays, and no less important, maybe even more, for your kids. However, the medium is known for its genres, which children do not prefer, so you should be aware if you choose poison. Fortunately, we have put together the best PS4 games so you can sleep well and not get into a virtual dystopia. We bring you the best in the world of  Ps4 children’s games, from Just Dance, which supplies my energy, to the giant Little Big Planet

Best games list

We will update this site with more games in the future, so stay tuned for more family fun!
This retro game marries old and new and imports all your favorite favorites (think Trivial Search, Risk, Monopoly) on the big screen. This PS4 game is a 21st century classic, bringing board games to the digital age. Eight years old, who would otherwise see Scrabble as an old game of yesterday, are put into a luminescent world of interactive fun. In addition, disputes over who should be the banker in Monopoly are limited to the past, the PlayStation can take on the heavy financial burden. Christmas fun for the whole family.
Who says that playing games is a group of silent children lying on the couch watching a screen? Just Dance 2018, widely recognized as one of the best music dance games for PS4, is just the ticket for kids to change. A clever smearing exercise is not easy for smart parents, especially during the winter months, when children try to bring children under zero, they rarely pay. With great hits like “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee and “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, Just Dance 2018 will not fail to attract crowds. And with Download PS4 games the news that the average Briton consumes 5200 calories on Christmas Day, Just Dance is the perfect antidote to festive greed.
For many families, settling in Blue Planet 2 on a Sunday night has become a sacred ritual. Even though it’s not a game for kids, this culturally revered underwater world gives life. It is a non-violent game, without any real or even objective threat, which leads participants to “swim” in their free time in the calm blue depths. The colorful underworld of the ocean will mesmerize children, and the slippage of sea creatures is a perfect stress reliever for adults too. Unconventional, but you have a lot of time guaranteed.