Support Site Accessing the router’s web-based setup

Advertising have a wireless relationship configured on your computer, you will see facts like ‘Wireless LAN adaptor Wireless Networking Connection: Internet protocol Address, Subnet Mask, moreover Default Gateway’. Similarly, your incredible Belkin router will are more identified by Default Gateway, while the address surely identify your wireless relationship .. When you are done making a critique of the details, bid farewell the Command Prompt home window.

If you are the particular Windows Vista or Pcs 7 user and you can’t find Run and that is why open Command Prompt, utilize this method. Type the cmd command in the Begin the process of Search field and don’t press Enter. It will demonstrate cmd.exe in the search engine results. Select the program and open this tool. Instead of this, you can browse start off menu> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt (like Window shades XP) to open Manage Prompt. When done, mode the ipconfig command look your IP address. May write down the focus on details on a sheet of foolscap if so desired. Provide you with liberty from memorizing both of them. You can enter the details easily whereas configuring port forwarding quite possibly access point etc.

The other way most typically associated with checking your IP attend to is to run the type of traceroute command. Open Direction Prompt (see the mentioned procedure for opening one particular utility) and type ‘tracert ‘ (without quotes) striking the Enter key. Their early result in the details will be the take on of your Belkin hub. The domain name is any website’s nickname that is used to discover its route from how the router. You can attempt any domain’s name to have up the IP fix. For example, type ‘tracert’ and smash Enter. on all the details is normally the Belkin router’s address.

You can also virtual check your router’s home address. There are various websites that automatically arise your IP address an individual browse to them. As well as IP address does perform or gives an slip-up message when you come in to configure some boast of on your Belkin router, power off your electronic computer and router. If there is also a DSL modem connected within router and computer, closed it down too. When still the IP resolve does not work, stiff reset your router. Be thoughtful as hard resetting that router will erase each and every existing configurations and improve it to the facility settings.